Friday, August 04, 2006

Edinburgh Lessons

I'm currently in Edinburgh with another company that I'm a part of, Split Knuckle Theatre (and also blogging here), and it's already a pretty fascinating lesson in how to market your show. That's an area that frankly, Active Eye could do better in. But there are lots of things we could do that I'm seeing in effect here in Edinburgh. Admittedly festival-time is a very different thing than your average February in NYC, but why can't we be parading around in costume in highly-trafficked places, or handing out flyers to the people in lines at TKTS or at other theaters? We'll have to lots to talk about in terms of promotion for the future, and hopefully we can try out some of this stuff for us in New York.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fancy Web Updates

Check out our website for new updates made by our resident web guru Rika Iino, including a photo from our February 2006 production of Hard Lovin' Ever After. Link at right.

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