Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Revving up Iphigenia

Emily has a new draft and this one is streamlined and active and rhythmic. We've also chosen our new designer - Zane (www.zanepihlstrom.com) and I think he's going to be great. He's collaborative and fun and has a great sense of play. I hope he's ready for what he's getting into! The budget is small and the cast is going to be HUGE - male chorus and female chorus - and the timeline is tight. So we'll need all hands on deck. But I think the students are going to be a good bunch. Em and I went up to see Dreamgirls at CCNY a few weekends ago and it was really pretty fantastic. Some excellent voices, some good movers, some powerful presences. We walked out dreaming of our cast. Exciting!

Next up we do an informal reading to hear it one more time then design design and music music!

Hmm...is the designer's name Zane Pihlstrom, by chance? I can't get the link to work, and that's what I find when I google him.

But when I try zanepihlstrom.com, my temp computer blocks it as "adult content." Ooh. This is gonna be some hott & sexy Iphigenia, isn't it?

Very exciting to hear about the casting pool! I can't wait to see them in action.
Yes yes yes, Zane Pihlstrom. The link should be working now. And yes, watch out. It's hot.
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